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The Transporter Source is a growing source of information for companies looking to hire transportation services. Advertising space is limited to provide the best exposure for our advertisers.

The Transporter Source is the largest transportation directory dedicated to the North American market. Visitors to the site include companies looking for carrier service, and members of the transportation community. Advertising on Transporter Source will appeal to:
  • Carriers of all kinds (road, rail, air, marine, logistics)
  • Companies offering transportation support services (insurance, publications, rental companies, etc.)
  • Suppliers to the transportation industry (equipment manufacturers, software providers, oil / gas companies, maintenance providers, etc.)
  • Companies catering specifically to the transportation industry (business / legal / medical services, recruiters, etc.)
  • Transportation events (truck shows, tradeshows, etc.)
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Why the Transporter Source?

The Transporter Source draws visitors from across North America looking for transportation services for their businesses. Sponsoring the Transporter Source puts your brand in front of people from different industries in Canada and the US--in companies from small- to large-scale. The Transporter Source is also popular with the transportation industry itself, making Industry support services sought-after as well.

Many companies pay for print advertising without considering the benefits of taking their message online. Some benefits of advertising online with the Transporter Source include:
  • Increased Exposure. The Transporter Source audience spans Canada and the United States
  • You get noticed. While most advertisers try to attract as many advertising companies as possible, the Transporter Source limits the number of advertisers so that each one stands out. And no design fees apply, either.
  • The cost can't be beat. A single print advertisement can run $10,000 or more. Sponsorship on the Transporter Source (web, newsletter or both) is only a fraction of that cost.
  • Your message is delivered directly to the inboxes of potential customers through the newsletter.
  • Flexible sponsorship opportunities. Advertisers can limit their sponsorship to a specific section of the site (i.e.: road) to target a specific audience.
  • Your message, your way. All logos link directly to the advertisers' website or a landing page of the advertiser's choice--link to specials, or target your message directly to the Transporter Source crowd.

Costs to Advertise

Website Logo Placement
The ultimate in visibility, site sponsors have logo placement at the bottom of the Transporter Source site, which links directly to their Website. Three levels of sponsorship are available.

Logo Placement
Section Specific (i.e., Road) $250/mth. ($3000/yr)
Non-Section Specific (i.e., Homepage, Careers, etc.) $250/mth. ($3000/yr)
On every page of the Website $416/mth. ($4992/yr)
* Minimum Duration 12 months

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Newsletter Logo Placement
There are two options for newsletter sponsorship: Newsletter sponsors get their logo branded across the bottom of our well-designed newsletter. Logos link directly to the sponsor's website. Title sponsors will have their name as part of the newsletter name (i.e.: The Transporter Source Newsletter presented by X Company). Title sponsors will also have their colour logo in prime position at the top of the newsletter.

Logo Placement
Title Sponsor (newsletter brought to you by your Company name) $250/mth. ($3000/yr)
Companies Hiring Now (logo and link in the footer of newsletter) $250/mth. ($3000/yr)
* Minimum Duration 12 months

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Online Traffic

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Average time spent on the site: 2:34 (mm:ss).

* Analytics based on site activity from May 2007 - May 2008

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